Women Artists in the Age of Impressionism

Speed Art Museum
Louisville, Kentucky
March 2018

At the opening of this groundbreaking exhibition of women artists, Jenny Aldrich portrayed American Impressionist Mary Cassatt, meeting patrons in the gallery and providing, in character, details about Cassatt and many of the other artists whose work was on display.

A Love Story

Directed by Carole Kleinberg
Theatre Odyssey Ten-Minute Play Festival
May 2018



By Arthur Keyser

Directed by Don Walker
Players Backstage, Sarasota
August, 2018

REVIEW: Sarasota Observer



Sounds from the Merry-Go-Round

By Stephen Stewart

Directed by Michael Newton-Brown
Theatre Odyssey One-Act Play Festival
Glenridge Performing Arts Center
Sarasota, Florida
November, 2018


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