Directed by Peter Amster
Asolo Repertory Theatre
February - April, 2017

The Scientist

Directed by Jenny Aldrich Walker
Theatre Odyssey Student Ten-Minute Playwriting Festival

A Big Wave

Directed by Bob Trisolini
Theatre Odyssey Ten-Minute Play Festival
May 2017

Cyrano on-the-Moon-4x5_0061

Don Walker (as Cyrano), Jenny Aldrich (as Roxanne).

Cyrano on the Moon

Tampa International Fringe Festival
Tampa, Florida
May 2017

Lark Eden

Playwright Natalie Symons with Jenny Aldrich, Mimi Rice and Kate Young.

Lark Eden

American Stage
St Petersburg, Florida
May 2017


Directed by Greg Leaming & Jesse Jou
DogDays Theatre
Sarasota, Florida
August 2017

Suffragists 2-crop

Anne Gundersheimer (as Lucy Stone), Andrea Dovner (as Alice Paul), Jamie Lee Butrum (as Elizabeth Cady Stanton), Jenny Aldrich (as Susan B Anthony).

Celebrate the Suffragists:

for Equality Day

Selby Library
Sarasota, Florida
August 2017


Much Ado
About Nothing

Directed by Benjamin T. Ismail
American Stage, St Petersburg
December 2017


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